Collecting data on infrastructure and maintain them climate neutral !
  • Data-summary at a glance!

    Where and what rational actions has to be taken for infrastructures? Determination of their conditions and 10-year-planning with cloud-based GIS-tools. Even mobil!

    GIS-evaluation of a) potential and b) effective applications of CO2-reductions in communities.

    Als Real-time-map on your homepage!
  • Infrastuctures – climate neutral!

    What are the options to use climate neutral and climate-protecting materials while building and maintaining infrastructure? With cold and warm usable bitumen products, with 100% recycling asphalt, concret, gravel, soil?

    Each kilogram of biochar counts! By planting virtual beeches you get the best overview of climate saving actions. Contact us for more information.
  • Budget and planning under control!

    Real-time-evaluations of infrastructures such as streets, wastewater-systems, forest including dashboards with current status of reducing CO2-actions.

    Get tools to create the basics of easy understandable fundamentals for your planning and desicions.

Real-time collaborative mobil mapping platform in the cloud for any GIS geographical data:

Extend the lifespan and at the same time save your climate. Immediately in use. (Neither complexities nor countless icons!

Choose the most easy, cloud-based solution for planning your infrastructure.